Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

Counseling Center, Prevention and Wellness, Campus Community Coalition

Over 30 years, we have been able to see impact of romantic breakups on students – the message moved from face to face, to phone call, to voice message, to email to text, now is on facebook for all to see.  It is a challenge to stay tuned in to how students experience their lives now. 

Interested in how we express the difference between higher education spending being part of the problem vs. part of the solution. 

The huge issues of maintaining student health that we deal with in prevention and wellness is well recognized in state and nation.  We are down two staff positions, another loss coming.   We struggle to maintain quality and level of service. 

Coordination of these three areas (counseling, prevention and wellness, campus community coalition) could be strengthened.  We would have even more impact on student health if we worked closer together.

Campus Community Coalition is facing critical challenges – to clarify purpose and be properly placed in university structure.  If focus on alcohol, prevention and wellness is a good site, but if partnership building with community, not as clear.  Welcome view of President and others. 

We are discussing how best to position the CCC for success in discussions that include VP for University Relations, Steve Swan. 

We balance the service demands from students who need serious mental health services;  there is much discussion on our list servs and at conferences.   Curious whether this is on university presidents’ radar screens. 

We generate a lot of information, but have no way of knowing whether students receive it.  We would like to find a way to get info into hands of more students, perhaps at registration.

We find that students don’t know about services available

We have been doing a session with students and parents to hear concerns and shape expectations. 

We find that it is hard to market our ability to help students.

We’re working 110%.  It is challenging in this context to be told that now we need to innovate and do more with less.

To do more, clearer definition of the services we provide will be useful.  There’s a point to which definition is helpful, but multiple concerns of individual cases make it difficult to identify and define problems and roles.   A lot of what we do is responsive. 

We can let car maintenance and such ride for a while – it may cost more money when we get around to it.  But with people, if we let things slide, human lives are impacted. 

There is much less student stress with a semester system than a quarter system.

We still have summer vacation, but it doesn’t make much sense for learning.  Has there been any consideration of having year around education?   



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