Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

Economics Department

Tripled majors to 350 from about 100 in 1984, due to good advising, new majors, engages students, meets many different needs. 

Share of university SCH in department has been on increasing path.  Now at about 3.6% up from just under 2.2%

Faculty are unusually active.  4 research centers:   Survey Research, International Business; Economic Education, and Economic and Business Research.  They publish, train, etc. 

A little concerned about what it means to be the best on the country given costs involved.   Depending on how we define reference group, could be impossible to achieve. 

The integration of Econ into the campus and other programs is important.  How can it be continued if we move to the waterfront?

Not sure it is necessary for us to grow.   We have already grown about as far as we want to.

Teach a course with a fair number of Huxley students, who don’t have nearly enough courses outside of Huxley.  Would be more difficult if they are separated by space at waterfront. 

I  have been doing a lot of outreach – road trips to Olympia.  People are constantly surprised to know we have econ ed, Huxley, etc.  We need to take our light out from under a basket. 

We have marketed ourselves as a residential campus for so many years.  It isn’t clear what we are, but we’re not that.

It makes me mad when people in the community look at the U as a drain on community resources. 

We should explore the notion that we’re not a regional public in light of our “directional” name.   How can we overcome that? 

We don’t want to become more like the UW.  In many respects what we do is better for our students.  Our faculty are top notch and we don’t rely on TAs to teach lower level courses.

Where are we likely to be with tuition increases?

It is good to know that a 7% increase is only $100 a quarter.  

We have to innovate and have the flexibility to capitalize assets to distinguish ourselves.  Our tuition level is one way to do that.  The enrollment pressures EWU and CWU have are different from ours.


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