Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

Facilities Management

Conservation is costly when you just look at the fiscal impact.   Faculty have persuaded me that it is important to look at the important impact on the climate and the environment.  Long term savings from lowering bills need to be reapplied and reinvested in improving our systems.

There is a rumor that we are going from burning natural gas to sludge. 

You have inherited some of the finest craftsman whose only request is not to be hindered in their work by bureaucracy.   For example, the campus orders things that require big trucks to be on campus.  It is hard for the drivers to manipulate the trucks safely, especially with so many people with telephones and earphones.   We could use more resources for central stores and distribution.

Are we doing anything so that freshmen don’t have to live in hotels?  Isn’t cutting enrollments an option?  Maybe we should quit offering single rooms for students in the residence halls until we have more space.

Water does a lot of damage.  How will we ensure that critical maintenance issues get addressed?

The 4 day work week has some advantages WWU should consider.

There’s a certain perception of a class system at WWU, but there should be an even field for discipline for similar infractions. 

Sometimes it is hard to deliver on projects because of restrictions faced when carrying out the project, like working around the edges while occupants of the unit are there.   During major projects, people move out while contractors work. 

Projects tend to morph as we do them – we go in to do a sink, and it becomes a bigger lab project.   That causes havoc with our schedules and budgets.

We get calls on renovation work from one party, who makes it clear that they don’t care about the priority projects of other people

There is an economic downturn and people are beginning to worry about jobs that are tied to public works.   We’re worried about layoffs after we’ve invested so much in training employees.

Change is difficult and changes in the operating and capital processes may be hard for people trying to manage it.

 How do you feel about looking back to look forward?  We put building modules in the eh C lots back in the 60’s to accommodate increase in size.  This is not the first time we’ve had budget cuts.   We’re cleaning up after more students and need more money and staff.

Concerned with the appropriateness of using state funds for self-sustaining operations.  (eg:  VU is maintained by state personnel.)

We have to say no to folks when a project isn’t in the budget, but the call goes up the ladder til they get a yes, and we end up having to do it anyway.

Wonder how the minor caps budget gets evened out among divisions and departments.  Some departments seem to get a lot, some very little. 

What is the biggest surprise you have encountered at WWU?

What are your thoughts about sustainability and climate neutrality?

 Any thought to wresting food service from Sodexho and doing it in house?   

Any ideas for encouraging students to respect university property?  (eg: not to do grafitti, put color or soap in the fountain, etc.)


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