Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

Fairhaven College

Fairhaven College talks about being part of community. Have made strides with NorthWest Indian College (NWIC). Want to expand teaching outreach and exchange – so that it is a true two-way exchange. Fairhaven faculty helped NWIC create degree in science.

Internationalizing curriculum is important goal we’re working on. Reciprocal relationships are a focus. Taking a group for study abroad is good for encouraging students who otherwise might not go. Also interested in intercultural experiences that can happen even in Bham.

With interest in international, we mustn’t lose sight of American minorities.

What unique challenges have you encountered related to advocating for the U in the current budget environment?

It would be interesting to offer subjects in alternative language (eg Spanish). Working with Doug Nord to pull together international studies concentrations. Issues of which departments get credit for the credits when interdisciplinary efforts undertaken.

Last Provost candidate has been here – what is the timeline for decision? Beth Paul was the best. Vision, Style, Collaborative, advocate for academic programs.

We are proud of the World Issues Forums and Law, Diversity and Justice Center are something to be bragged about.draw community into important issues.

We are members of the Consortium for Innovative Environments for Learning, which is a national venue for sharing best practices and ways to look forward. Fairhaven is placed in a national frame at AAC&U conferences, which may lead to student and faculty exchanges.

Faculty around campus are a great resource for the college. We too are a great resource and should find ways to have flexibility to share our efforts.

Fairhaven has a task force for diversity that is studying the environment for diversity and will do a climate assessment in the college. We are good at wanting to attract faculty and students of color, but not so good at supporting them when they’re here.

Fairhaven is looking at issues – what is the university as a whole doing?

Is tuition likely to go up?

Fairhaven really needs more space. We have offices in closets.

It would be good to move the dining hall to another place. There are externalities for faculty and classes from sharing the space.


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