Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

Finance and Marketing

Concerned that we’re losing the small size advantage that has always seemed to differentiate the campus.  Students get to interact with professors in relatively small classes, and also allows upper level classes to be quite small sometimes.

The university is not very good at marketing.  Note that marketing committee is headed by a management faculty member.  Our marketing faculty have something to contribute!

Fundraising is better but way below what it should be.  Need to improve branding, records, etc.  Glad to see you’ve brought in someone to help with that.

We have no records of grads from 1980-90. 

A lot of people think the waterfront development doesn’t make sense.   Problem of logistics – 10 minutes between classes.  I refuse to spend time travelling between sites during the day.  

If you look through class finder at the beginning of a quarter , you will find that most classes are full.   How many lost academic opportunities (for diversity of offerings) are due to desire for having filled classes?   Students used to have choices of who, what and when, and now are just lucky to get in.  

Transfer students need a lot of support.  Hope we can improve university-wide services.  They need academic help – not prepared academically and course selection.  Also need emotional help for transition. 

Transition advising is good – but students may not take advantage of it. 

Sandy Stratton, the dept mgr, provides incredible support for pre-major students but can only do so much.  Advising is important and needs attention so that we can aspire to be better. 

Advising for non-majors and pre-majors has been a problem for 25 yrs+ -- could be done at effectively at the college level.

For transfers from CCs, we often have to deliver news that they should already have known about transfer requirements and graduation requirements and major requirements.

Textbook prices are a real problem.  Many faculty use older editions, and perhaps there isn’t much substance lost in that choice.

It would be good for faculty members to participate in an evaluation process for deans and associate deans.   

What support is there in administration for the Sustainability  Institute?  Does it have enough backing and clout that if people come up with a course, they can preempt a departmental decision that it doesn’t count for major or for merit? 


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