Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

Graduate School Staff

One of our graduate students, Peter Kairis (Environmental Sciences 2008), has been selected as a finalist in the Western Association of Graduate Schools/UMI Distinguished Master’s Thesis Award.. WWU theses have been finalists in the annual Distinguished Thesis Award competition in twelve of the past fifteen years, and have won the award in five of those years.

Provost will charge Dr. Ghali to form committee to study the role of graduate education.  

Would like to see grad education incorporated more into undergraduate education. Wish that folks could see it as a total package WWU can provide.

We have two departments that combine undergrad and grad work – shortens grad degree by taking grad courses as an undergrad. 

We have gone back to information on commencement to consider how we might revise the program.  We will know how many grad students there will be soon.   We look forward to further discussion.

I have family connections with WWU going back to normal school and want WWU to grow but not lose its local/regional appeal.  Especially important as we attempt to bring in more diverse student population. 

Partnerships with community colleges play an important role in recruiting students.

Collaboration with other institutions can improve our offerings.  Eg: Historically we had some sort of agreement with WSU to offer doctorate in education.  Don’t think we’ve ever taken advantage of it.   WWU people who worked with program moved and program stopped.

Education and Huxley collaborate in environmental education through the North Cascades Institute at the North Cascades Environmental Learning Center, a partnership with the National Parks Service and the City of Seattle.

We work well with student affairs.  Our grad students are ours from admission through commencement.

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