Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

Human Services and Rehabilitation Counseling

Human Services has been around for 35 years, mostly off-line and off-campus.  How do you see the interplay of off and on-campus programs?

The Bremerton program was built on the high standards of WWU.   Our studies of community needs indicate that a stronger WWU presence would be welcomed. 

We serve a very diverse clientele:  age, economic, first generation, native, etc.

Community advisors recommend WWU programs and students know the quality of WWU.

Because we work in partnership with community agencies, our relationships and partnerships are deep.

The Human services program stemmed from the War on Poverty.  It is not social work as such.

Research on the missions of our 8 programs shows that our offerings are interdisciplinary.  Study of processes for change at all levels of society: personal, interpersonal, crisis intervention

We work with people with disabilities and other barriers to employment.  This is the only grad program in rehab counseling in the state.  Over half of the students have disabilities themselves.  A third are minorities.  Many are returning adults.

This program has been very forward thinking, delivering web-based classes and blogs, beginning in 1995 before there was software.

Our classes involve practicums and internships, so class is a 4 hours session that can’t be lecture-based.

Service learning and civic engagement are at the center of what we do.  Some are very pleased with WWU and interaction.  Some see barriers to degree completion. 

We need to bring the intellectual richness and service to our communities.

Students are working with a neighborhood association on a “night out”, a national movement focused on community safety.

We have an advisory board that will meet in the spring.

We are really grateful for the Dean’s leadership in moving the Human Services program back to state support.

In new student orientation at the University Center for North Puget Sound (on EvCC campus) we find that most students are the first college student in family, have GED, etc.

This program is a very good example of what we should be doing in many areas:  e.g., civic engagement.  We have data on service learning and can advise the campus on what works.

It is hard to come up with challenges because we are so well poised to move forward.

Staff are wonderful and also committed to the mission of the program and to its students.  Is important to invest in modernization of information technology.  There’s a good return on the investment.

95% of our students report that they would return to WWU.

We recently received 2 federal grants of $150,000 each (over 5 years) primarily for tuition assistance with a work requirement.

We participate in an advisory committee for Rehab Counseling that is a 3 state partnership.

NWIC is starting a 4 year Human Services Program

80-85% of our Bremerton students graduate.


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