Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

Management Department

When will we pave the parking lots or build a parking garage?  It takes a long time to get a good spot in the parking system.

International Business was strategically placed in management department because it is a diverse department with collective interest in helping people deal with complicated problems.   We’re well connected with community and real world, including service learning, entrepreneurship,

Our teaching philosophy is applied.  We’re strongly committed to practicum, service learning, using local events like ski to sea as a lab.   Students learn, reflect, then use what they learn.  

We still use chalk and need many more resources to come into the present.   We need to figure out how to share and more fully use the resources we have.

Grad programs are one way to generate revenue.  CBE has developed more grad programs and they will grow.  Most grad programs are small and thesis oriented, we’re branching out in our thinking and models. 

We have flexibility to allow students to shape their graduate programs, which are consistent with the strength – strategic advantage – of the liberal arts core of business. 

We need to be careful to turn out graduates with regard for what jobs are available.  The university shouldn’t just offer what the faculty want to teach. 

All of us have worked closely with faculty in other colleges – there are other synergies that would help us build our reputation. 

The Sustainability Academy has the potential for stimulating work across boundaries.    These “interest areas” are marketable and students expect the opportunities.

I don’t think of students as customers so much as the employers and public.  If they see us doing things that are ahead of the game, they will not only hire our grads, but help fund the programs. 

At former university, the MBA programlooked at disciplines and figured out which needed management help in their curriculum.  Management department provided the core, and then the departments taught 3 course sequences.  Is great crossover work. 

Teach in an MBA program in environmental management with good cooperation from Huxley faculty.    We are late to the game of bringing business and environment together. 

It is hard to get tenure in international business because the top journals are not international. 



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