Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

New Student Services/Family Outreach, disAbility Resources

Concerned about impending budget cuts

So many personnel are changing.  What does that do to our institutional memory?  We should continue a relationship with those who leave.

We are concerned with being prepared for changing demographic in student body.

We need to make clear the important role of diversity to the health of the institution.

It is a challenge to make use of data.  We need more analysis.

Are we likely to expand distance education for students outside of Bellingham?

Space is one of our largest frustrations—offices, meeting spaces.  We can’t fully use our resources.

All of student services is in Old Main, though the campus has moved south. 

Technology enables us to save money.

Are we planning to expand graduate enrollment?

Assessment is important.

With the economy in distress, how will we afford the waterfront development?


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