Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

Physics/Astronomy Department

Currently have approximately 95 majors up from a low of 10 in the 1990’s.  In the top 5 in bachelors only physics programs nationally.  Are able to focus our attention on our undergrads and engage them.

65% of our graduates go on to graduate school.

Our undergrads become TA’s and that is a maturing experience.

It is difficult for faculty to continue high level of research with the high teaching load.

Department has been looking at ways to be more flexible in the department with teaching load.

Concurrence that it is important to have a successful undergraduate program rather than a second rate graduate school program.

Goal of becoming the premier undergraduate physics program in the state.

One benefit of having a graduate program is that it gives your research momentum.

Budget process must be bottom up.  Need to focus on revenues, not just costs.

Important that there is a collaboration between academics/administration.


It is unclear if we have a good IT program.  Feel that we are stuck with the Blackboard system with no one to back up the problems. 

Concern regarding the number of dedicated computer labs on campus.  Should our students be required to have lap tops?

Unsure that we are efficiently deploying our resources.

Lack of funds for start up costs for faculty hampers our recruitment.

We have a large advising gap at the end of the freshman year and the beginning of the sophomore year.

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