Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

Publishing Services, Web Services, Graphic Design

We have heard that New Student Services is not printing one of their booklets this year due to budget cuts.

Concern that departments are hiring their own graphic designers and the product passes us and goes directly to mail services or we (graphic designers) end up correcting mistakes.  We need to make sure that Western is well represented by the materials that go out. 

We have spent many hours working on the University Graphic Guidelines but that is currently at a standstill.

Our staff needs to market services to the campus constituents.

Sometimes when an employee does not work out, they end up getting promoted or passed on to another department rather than solving the problem.

Marketing our university needs to be a focus.

WWU has become a destination university and students are getting an excellent education at a bargain price. 

Are you still a Packers fan?

What is the process on brainstorming for cost savings measures that are posted on the web?

What are your thoughts of working a 4 day week as a cost saving measure?

Why does the library stay open on holidays?  Can hours be reduced based on usage?

Have you ever faced a budget cut this large before?

Do you support the suggestion that the University outsource its printing services for cost savings measures?

Did it surprise you that the Washington budget is based on sales tax, which is based on consumer spending? 

Will Higher Education get in the same position as K-12 with dedicated funding?

What are the chances that tuition will be raised?  We are not in the same league as Eastern or Central and should charge more tuition.

What is your vision of how our department will support the university?

If you (the President) don’t make the decisions on our marketing plan, who will make the decisions?



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