Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

Secondary Education

The mission and values of the university drew me here.  Do we have a commitment to international and intercultural relationships?

Befuddled by the waterfront initiative.

The leadership institute and graduate programs are important big ideas to pursue.

The secondary ed graduate program may be as much as 40% of our graduate school enrollment.

Would like to see a higher profile for off campus programs. 

Sustainability education is an important focus of the department.  Look forward to broadening the impact across campus.

It takes time to establish connections with the community.  It would be valuable to build in time to evaluate such efforts.

Need to develop more electronic infrastructure for the university.  As editor of an electronic journal, don’t have same access to electronic management tools that colleagues at other universities do.

The university doesn’t take advantage of the expertise of the department’s faculty re pedagogy and instructional innovation.

A significant advantage of WWU is that teacher ed faculty are also located in the disciplines.

Education faculty always have a mindset of reform and improvement – so we have something to contribute to change.

We need to understand diversity at a deeper level.  Woodring Center for Educational Equity and Diversity is a great resource. 

Service Learning is important, but underfunded as infrastructure.

We do a lot of field placements for tutors and practicum students.

When the department started it was all male, but is now blessed with gender diversity.

We need to improve compensation for cooperating teachers and teachers who work with practicum students.

We need to be more connected with the community, eg school boards

Are you likely to bring the phuture Phoenix program here?

The American Democracy Project engages students in civic education.  There should be a  connection between the Leadership Institute and the ADP.


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