Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

Special Education

Several of our graduate students recently presented at an OSPI conference and sessions were full to overflowing. 

One of our faculty was to repeat her presentation at that conference on RTI (Response to Intervention) and math, because the first was full. 

OSPI sought out our faculty to provide the sessions because they are nationally recognized in their fields.  

We are used to hearing from people that our college and university are amazing.  So we imagine that it will be tough to figure out how to trim the budget.  How will we maintain the high quality? 

Woodring is unusual because we use a lot of practitioners and NTT faculty.  What do you see as future role of NTT faculty?

How long do you see this budget scenario occurring?   We hope that people will be given appropriate notice to adjust – as we did with the football team and staff.

We still haven’t discussed a college-wide process or principles for budget cutting decisions. 

Some of the strongest aspects of quality in department are the most expensive.   Field sequence is expensive because supervision is of lower number of students, transportation costs, etc.    How can we protect things in the long run if there have to be sacrifices in the short run? 

I am concerned about lack of data to make some of these decisions.   SCH cost isn’t adequate as measure, especially in grad programs where enrollments are lower.

Where might the university go with branch campuses and how will we face competition from distance ed and institutions like U of Phoenix?

Our excellent graduates enrolled in grad school at the UW remark that they are finding that grad courses there cover the same stuff they already got at WWU.


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