Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

Student Services, VU, Child Care Center

We're curious about how Western’s situation is different from other institutions you’ve been at – in each, you faced a budget situation.

Sense of community within the division is amazing. 

How will people be contacted if they are impacted by the budget? 

After all the teamwork on the budget, it will come down to choices.   How will we define core mission when we make those choices?  The idea that the budget and priorities will be built from the bottom up is very satisfying.

The Child Care Center has the opportunity to align with Woodring’s birth -8 program.  It’s an opportunity we’re very excited about.

The child care program has been supported significantly by AS and students.  Interaction with faculty and other programs is very important.  This is a model – a great way to connect student affairs to academic programs.

The leadership program is a good model for integration across areas.

Very impressed with assessment of our child care program and its student teachers.  When I meet with students involved in the CDC, they recognize that they are really learning when they review the criteria, which are right on point.

Michael:  behavior – we began a dialogue with community several years ago to create diversion programs and such for student misbehavior.   We need to renew that effort since the community personnel have changed.  There are some barriers in getting information from city police that is then available from the prosecutor.  Courts and prosecutors understand that if we assist in the process, fewer cases have to be prosecuted.

We have a pretty good relationship with the city and county law enforcement.  But meetings with new personnel would be good.

What will enrollment look like in near term?  

How does the collaborative process for budget cuts work? 

We are concerned about losing students who can’t afford increases in tuition.  Financial barriers are rising.

Does a graduated system of tuition take the fact that a family has more than one student in college? 

Do we know anything about how the Governor will announce the budget?  Or about the timeframe for changes? 

Appreciate your determination to come out of this in a way that we can continue to build the university as a destination U. 

It meant a lot for all of us to be brought together for this meeting – we are far flung and some work nights. 


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