Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

University Residences Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

Since we don’t have any PhD programs, which are usually a major draw, how do we become nationally known? 

I wish there were more interaction for student affairs with the departments and faculty.   I know a few faculty who eat in the dining halls, but not much otherwise.  At my prior institution there seemed to be more structured opportunity for that.

We’re looking at some “what if” scenarios related to the fiscal situation.   Housing and Dining is self-sustaining.   What kind of culture do we need so that we don’t look to cannibalize each other and trade trauma. 

The waterfront already has some momentum, what are your thoughts about the waterfront? 

How do we make WWU the best, which tends to mean increasing entry requirements,  while still remaining accessible?

For most new students, university is a culture shock.  There ought to be a way to prepare students for coming to campus.  

Am excited about the Buchanan Towers addition.  Is the current economic condition likely to impact the project? 

I understand that the Armory is on the list for renovation.  Will that project likely move forward?

How much property do we have – will there be more academic buildings? 

I am interested in sustainability, and in how we make faster progress

What value is placed on international education? 

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