Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

WWU Foundation Board

Challenges for the Foundation have been primarily raising funds - to make the task easier is to find people and help them to feel welcome and part of Western.
If we have a potential donor, having Bruce’s involvement is crucial to make them feel they are addressed properly, addressed by the president of the university.

Western has a definite role in community, much of which is centered recently on the presence in the waterfront.  Western is also the largest economic engine, primary cultural resource, drives the shape of demographics, different metrics, level of education per capita – a significant impact in our community.  The time is right for Western to take another step in community leadership and presence.  Glad Bruce is here; glad you are taking reins of a strong institution.

Students are the ambassadors of the university – community businesses need to encourage continued internships, and help with visibility. 

Under Karen’s leadership presence of Western in Seattle has become more and more the focus of the board – wake up community to Western.  Karen Morse established relationships and now we need to do more; perhaps we should establish an office in the Seattle area.

It is important to consider relationship of environment in business.

With environmental study and policy – regardless of who gets elected President/Governor, there will be focus over next fifteen years on developing energy sources where dollars can stay in domestic economy. 

Does the university have a department that deals with patents?  (yes)

Suggest the university have a professor that travels back to MIT or Ivy League college and participates in exchange opportunities. 

Page Updated 11.27.2013