Event Information

Parking Services assists with hosting over 600 events annually. Events range from small events, parking 10 attendees to large events with 1000 or more attendees. We look forward to assisting you with planning or providing information if you are attending an event.

This information will help assist you in organizing your event parking needs.  Space is limited, so early reservation is advised.

Event Request Form

Event Planning Check List

This is the information you will need to have ready, when making arrangements for parking.

  • Name of event
  • Dates of the event
  • Time of the event
  • Department sponsoring event
  • Estimated # of cars/participants
  • Lot preference
  • Location of event
  • Billing information (budget code)
  • Indicate if you need signs
  • Indicate if you need an Attendant
  • Notes to remember
  • Contact persons name
  • Contact phone
  • Contact mail stop
  • Shuttle options


Services Offered

  • Parking lot reservations.
  • Directional signs.
  • Event staff to direct attendees to the correct destination.
  • Reservation of one or more specific parking space(s).
  • Convenience of permit issuance through our office.
  • Delivery of permits for self distribution.
  • Tent canopy available for shuttle parking.
  • Attendant to distribute permits on site.
  • Pay Station option.


Cones (up to 5) $6.00
Event Attendant (per hour) $18.00
Event Officer (per hour) $30.00
Event Signs $11.00
Lot Reservation (per hour) $40.00
Permit (hourly) $2.00
Permit (daily) $10.00
Permit (weekly) $31.00
After hours (hourly) $1.00
Sandwich Boards $6.00
Tent (per hour) $10.50
Tent (daily) $27.00
Vests (up to 5) $6.00


Budgeting For an Event

We recognize that your patrons are our number one priority, for that reason, lot attendants are required to be at the reserved lot location by 4:15 during the week (This will aid in the ability to assist your patrons, and defer others from parking in the reserved lot.)

When scheduling for attendants you will need to recognize that it takes the attendant 15 minutes to get to and from the lot. 30 minutes should be calculated when requesting time and noted for billing purposes.

A tent may be rented for the listed fee. Please note tent fee does not include assembly or delivery, you will need to make arrangements for pick-up and drop off.

An attendant may be requested, for assistance with the delivering, assembling and dismantling of the tent. This service is provided with an additional attendant fee per hour. 


Permit charges vary based on the need/duration of the event.

Permits issued are not valid unless the stub is removed before displaying. Failure to remove the stub will result in your department being billed for the entire amount of permits ordered and could result in your participant being cited.

The stub must be retained for billing purposes. Return the stub(s) and unused permit(s) within 2 weeks of your event.

Parking Lot Reservation Options

Western Parking Map

  1. A lot may be reserved with just a sign, thus you will be charged for just a sign. This requires that the patrons pay for parking via pay box or meters.
  2. You may choose to add an event attendant, this would be at a cost of $11.15 per hour; patrons would be required to pay for parking.
  3. The lot and an event attendant may be reserved for $51.15 per hour. This arrangement allows for the convenience of the patron to park in the designated lot as assigned, without having to pay.

Shuttle Information

Shuttles arrangements can be made through Bellair Shuttle at 360-543-9372.

Tickets Issued At an Event

At no time should anyone take a ticket from a lot attendee. The registered owner of the vehicle is responsible for any tickets issued on their vehicle.

To avoid misunderstandings, or possible late fines/collection fees being charged, please direct those receiving a ticket to contact the Parking Office 360-650-2945 for assistance.


For additional information or questions contact the Western Events Coordinator at 360-650-3606

Page Updated 04.29.2016