Bicycle Patrol


The WWU Police bicycle patrol is part of the overall community oriented policing effort. Utilizing a patrol bicycle as a means of transportation allows the officers to be more approachable by the public. The bicycle patrol officers have the added ability to use their senses, move quietly, and interact better with the community.

Bicycle patrol is used by police officers of the WWU Police Department at all hours of the day and during special events. It has proven to be an effective and popular way for officers to patrol the campus, because bicycle patrol allows officers to increase their visibility and access to the campus community. 10 of our 13 patrol officers have completed 24 to 40 hour courses, certifying them at a national standard for bicycle patrol.

The bicycle officers provide more "face-to-face" contact with the general public, and it gives them the ability to assist in problem resolution in the areas of crime prevention and traffic complaints, just to name a few.

Page Updated 11.22.2017