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Western and Climate Change

Ten Stories in Ten Weeks

Each week between the end of February and Earth Day (and the 50th birthday of Western’s Huxley College of the Environment), Western will reveal a new story about how its faculty, staff and students are working to combat global climate change, from the peaks of the world’s highest mountains to the vast expanses of the open ocean. Come back each week to read how Western is working to make a difference in the most impactful existential threat facing the global community today.


A group of students marching. Several are playing the drums, while one waves a Vikings flag.


WWU Research Team Trying to Unlock the Recycling Potential of Ocean Plastics

The forested coastlines of Afognak Island, part of Alaska’s Kodiak Archipelago, seem at first glance to be pristine and unspoiled, the miles of deserted beaches being left mostly in the care of…

In the News

Western's Steve Bennett with his team of field epidemiologists in South Sudan

Western Washington University Assistant Professor of Health and Human Development Steve Bennett is an epidemiologist who has responded to outbreaks across the globe, from South Sudan (see image)… Read more about How epidemiologists respond to outbreaks across the globe

Electron microscope image of the MERS virus

With the entire world gripped in a crisis about a virus most of us had never heard of a month ago, Western Today had a conversation with Western's own virologist, Associate Professor of… Read more about What *are* viruses, and how do they work?

Northeast view of the new science building

Western's new Interdisciplinary Science Building (ISB) will add essential teaching labs and active learning classrooms to meet the growing need for degree programs in Science, Technology,… Read more about Site prep for new Interdisciplinary Science Building begins March 16