Whatcom Transit Authority (WTA)

WTA provides frequent service to Western’s campus. For complete routes and schedules, or to use their trip planning tool, visit www.ridewta.com, or call 360-676-RIDE (7433).


WTA route schedules as posted on bus stops through campus: 

NB = Northbound (towards Campus /Indian Street)

SB = Southbound (towards Fairhaven or Sehome Haggen)

  • Birnam Wood NB SB
  • Buchanan Towers NB SB
  • Campus Services NB SB
  • Haggard Hall NB
  • Rec Center NB SB
  • The Ridge NB SB
  • Viking Union SB

Important Routes Serving WWU

BLUE GO Line “100” series routes. These routes provide 15 minute service from Downtown through the WWU campus.

Click on any of the routes below for the WTA website, then choose "Schedules" and the route number.

  • Route 105: Downtown, WWU, Sehome Village, 32nd St., Fairhaven. Also serves Amtrak/Greyhound in the evenings Monday - Saturday, and all day Sunday.
  • Route 107: Downtown, WWU, Sehome Village, Samish Way
  • Route 108: Samish Way, Sehome Village, WWU, Downtown
  • Route 190: Downtown, WWU, Sehome Village, Lincoln Creek and return.
  • Route 196: Evening service Downtown, WWU, Sehome Village, Lincoln Creek, and Lakeway.
  • Route 197: Evening service Lakeway, Lincoln Creek, Sehome Village, WWU, Downtown.
  • Route 14: Provides service every 30 minutes from Downtown to WWU, Happy Valley neighborhood and Fairhaven via Harris Street. (this route does not travel down Bill McDonald Parkway)

Routes that do not go Downtown, operate only when classes are in session and only during the academic year:

  • Route 90A: Travels between WWU and Lincoln Creek via Bill McDonald Parkway. It does not stop between 21st St. and Lincoln Creek when leaving campus.
  • Route 90B: Travels between WWU and Lincoln Creek via Billy Frank Jr. (formerly Indian St.) and the York neighborhood.
  • 80X Shuttle: Connects WWU with Route 80X Bellingham/Mt. Vernon at Lincoln Creek Park & Ride. Stops at all WTA stops along route (except Birnam Wood when leaving campus).

Lincoln Creek Park and Ride: 

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