WWU Student Transportation Fee

The Alternative Transportation Fee was implemented in 2007 after being voted on and passed by students, approved by the A.S. Board of Trustees and the WWU Board of Trustees. The purpose of the Fee is to support a transportation program for the benefit of students.

The Fee provides students with the following benefits:

  • A reduced fare WTA student bus pass.
  • Late night Student Shuttle service.
  • Assistance with local transit questions.
  • A Student Alternative Transportation Coordinator.
  • A reduced Transportation Fee during the summer when the student shuttle service is not operating.(currently $21)


Program funds are overseen by the Alternative Transportation Fee Committee which is comprised of a majority of students (AS Officers, Alternative Transportation Coordinator, students-at-large) and some WWU administrative staff.


WWU students taking six or more credits are assessed a mandatory Alternative Transportation Fee of $26.25 per quarter. The fee is applied quarterly with other university fees and tuition.

Students taking 1-5 on-campus qualifying credits, graduate students, and summer student employees may choose to "opt in" to the fee and have a bus pass.


The Alternative Transportation Fee wording as most recently approved by students April 2017:

Shall all Western Washington University students taking six or more credits on the Bellingham Campus be assessed an Alternative Transportation Fee of up to $26.25 per quarter with the following conditions:

  • A Whatcom Transportation Authority bus pass for every fee paying student.
  • A late night student transprotation service that would run after WTA servcie ends. At a minimum this would serve the general campus area.
  • If late night service is not offered during summer quarter, students taking summer quarter classes will be charged a reduced fee (currently $21).
  • Fee increases will be limited to a maximum of 5% per year, upon authorization by the Associated Students Board of Directors, increases of more than 5% must be approved by the students through a vote.
  • The Fee will be for a maximum 5-year term, beginning in Fall 2017 and end by Fall 2022, subject to a student vote for renewal.


Page Updated 11.27.2017