Employee Bus Passes


Cost to Employees

Please Note: Important Information-

Your fall bus pass purchase choice affects your 2015 Summer Bus Pass purchase price.

Annual Pass: $58.00 ** (Valid fall, winter, spring quarters)

Quarterly Passes: $23.00 * per individual quarter (fall, winter, spring quarters)

** Summer Quarter Pass: $40.00 (For those who purchased an Academic Year Pass)

* Summer Quarter Pass: $70.00 (For those who DID NOT purchase an Academic Year Pass)

Bus Pass Dates 2014-2015

Annual Pass: Valid 9/22/2014-6/21/2015
     For sale September through November

Fall Pass: Valid 9/22/2014-1/4/2015
     For sale September through November

Winter Pass: Valid 1/5/2015-3/29/2015
     For sale December through February

Spring Pass: Valid 3/30/2015-6/21/2015
     For sale mid March through May 28th

Summer Pass: Valid 6/22/2015-9/20/2015
     For sale June through July

  • Passes are generally for sale two weeks before they become valid.
  • Annual Passes are for sale during Fall Quarter bus pass sales only.

Purchase Options

Submit a payroll deduction esign form.

  • This one-time, pre-tax payment option is for full time permanent employees. Contact the Sustainable Transportation Office to find out if you are eligible for this option.
  • Your bus pass will be mailed to your campus mailstop once your form is locked.


Submit a paper request form.

  • Download the form here.
  • Mail it to MS 9197, or fax it to 650-2090.
  • Once your form is received, the charge will be added to your account, and you will be notified.
  • Then, you have the option of paying at the student business office (Old Main 110) via cash, check or debit, or paying online via CashNet with accepted credit cards (MasterCard, Discover or American Express) or by online check. Online payment by a credit card incurs a transaction fee.
  • Lastly, notify Sustainable Transportation that you have paid, and your bus pass will be mailed to your campus mailstop.

Employees who do not have internet access at work, please call x7960 for a bus pass request form.

Replace Lost Pass

If your pass is lost, stolen or damaged, download, print and return the paper loss report form to the Sustainable Transportation office. Your original pass can be deactivated and a replacement pass issued, at no charge. If your pass is damaged, please retain it (or all of the pieces) for return to Sustainable Transportation.

Employees who do not have e-mail access at work please call x7960 for a loss report form.

After Hours Parking Pass

Employees who have purchased an employee bus pass (and do not have another parking permit) are eligible for an after hours parking pass. Apply online here

Please contact Parking Services with questions (360) 650-2945 or parking@wwu.edu .

Commuter Pack

Staff and faculty who normally walk, bike, bus or carpool to campus may purchase one packet of 10 scratch-off one-day parking permits per quarter. The 2014-2015 cost is $13.60 per pack of 10. Commuter permit lot assignment is limited to available space. Each packet includes an evening and weekend parking permit, good for up to one year. Commuter permit packets are available at Parking Services.

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