WWU Smart Trips Commuter Stories

Smart Trips are ways to make a difference everywhere you go. Bike, walk, share a ride or ride the bus, then log your smart trips at www.whatcomsmarttrips.org. You will be eligible for emergency rides home, receive discounts at local businesses, and be entered to win cash prizes in a community wide drawings. If you make five or more trips per month, you'll also be entered in our WWU drawing. These are the stories of the randomly selected WWU Smart Trips winners!

Krista Mantello

Krista Mantello

Krista, an avid bus rider, advises those new to public transit to be brave and ask questions. "WTA drivers are very helpful and accomodating", Krista says. ...more


Alyssa Jones

Alyssa’s advice to those who have not tried cycling or riding the bus: You’d be surprised how easy it is to do!  Once you get over that barrier, you’ll see that it is easy and fun. More...


Jamie Harrington

Jamie says, "It doesn’t matter rain or snow.  I’d walk to work if I couldn’t bike."...more


Stephanie Treneer

The bus saves Stephanie money on gas and she finds it to be convenient. In fact, Stephanie says, "I don't know why you wouldn't ride the bus..."...more


Jamie Granger

"We have really nice buses here in Bellingham, and I've met nice people from campus!"...more


Beth Parker

Beth Parker enjoys riding the bus because she can read a book instead of worrying about traffic...more

Tilmann Glimm

Tilmann Glimm

Tilmann Glimm says that the public transportation system in Bellingham is one of the really great assets of living here...more

McNeel Jantzen

McNeel Jantzen

McNeel explains the long lasting impact of her sustainable transportation choices by saying, “We are doing just a little bit, but our son is seeing this and he has a whole lifetime to make these choices.”...more

Christine and Anna

Christine Youtsey

Self proclaimed Goat Girl (Christine Youtsey) and Chicken Pal (Anna Chamberlin) commute together from Bow to the Communication Sciences and Disorders department in the new Academic Instruction Center East. ...more

Dave McGarrity

Dave McGarrity

“I bike sometimes, but rain or snow or ice, I’m walking.  It’s just a relaxing time of day to unwind and wake up.” ...more

Teri Bodensteiner

Teri Bodensteiner

Teri's Tip for using sustainable transportation: "Just start small. Start slow and work up"....more

Patricia Ashby

"When I take the bus I'm living what I profess my values to be." ....more

Frank Haulgren

Frank Haulgren

Getting up early is "cruel and unusual punishment" according to Frank Haulgren, Collections Services Manager and Assessment Coordinator for the Western Libraries.  ....more

Maureen O'Reilly and Rich Brown

Maureen O'Reilly and Rich Brown

Encouraging students to start a lifetime biking habit is the goal of the RiMa Green 500 Theatre Scholarship, privately funded by Theatre Department faculty members Maureen O’Reilly and Rich Brown since 2009. ....more

Gary Buma

Gary Buma

"Prior to my wife starting to work at WWU, I took the bus every day for 15 years. When Nina started working at Western nearly twelve years ago ..." ....more

Estooges logo

The Estooges

What has three faculty members, three staff members, and 12 wheels? The "Estooges" EverybodyBIKE Team! ....more

Michael Smith

Michael Smith

Michael Smith of Academic Custodial Services and his wife made a commitment to be a one car family ....more

Brian Heinrich

Angela Vandenhaak & Brian Heinrich

Angela Vandenhaak (Western Foundation) and Brian Heinrich (Washington Campus Compact) have made fitness a family affair ....more

Andy Peterson

Andrea Peterson

Combining her commute with exercise is a real time saver for Andy Peterson ....more

Geoff Landis

Geoff Landis

Geoff Landis didn't want to pay more for parking when rates were headed up ....more

Cheryl Danielsen

Cheryl Danielsen

Getting in shape for her summer treks is one reason Cheryl Danielsen regularly walks to work. ....more

Lynda Baker

Lynda Baker

The most unusual item Lynda Baker has carried on the bus? A vacuum cleaner she was taking to Rector's for repair. ...more

Jackie McClure

Jackie McClure

For years, caregiving responsibilities made bringing a car to campus a near-necessity for Fairhaven Advising Coordinator Jackie McClure. ...more

Carrie Glimm looks forward to her daily commute

Carrie Glimm

Dr. Carrie Glimm looks forward to her daily commute. This might be surprising, because rain or shine, Carrie walks to work. ...more

Laurie Porter won $250 in a Whatcom Smart Trips monthly prize drawing

Laurie Porter

Laurie Porter, of Parking Services, recently won $250 in a Whatcom Smart Trips monthly cash prize drawing. ...more

Jenny Hoover won $1000 in Whatcom Smart Trips quarterly prize drawing

Jenny Hoover

Jenny Hoover, in the Foundation Office, was the fall 2008 winner of the Whatcom Smart Trips $1000 quarterly cash prize drawing. ...more

Debbi Baughn walks to work at WWU's 32nd Street offices

Debbi Baughn

WWU Travel Desk program coordinator Debbi Baughn certainly knows the ins and out of travel. How does this travel expert get to work? ...more

Tim Springstead boarding the 28X to Ferndale

Tim Springstead

WWU Plumber / Pipe fitter Tim Springstead loves the new WTA 28X. He figures switching to riding the bus to work saves him $40 a week ...more

Donna Janigo arrives at Old Main on her bicycle

Donna Janigo

Donna Janigo of University Advancement recently celebrated her first anniversary as a full time bicycle commuter. She decided to bike commute on a trial basis in the spring of 2007, and has never looked back. ...more

Julia Gassman boarding the 25X to Lynden

Julia Gassman

WWU Parking Services Manager Julia Gassman commutes by bus from Lynden at least twice a week. She started by trying the 25X Lynden Express route, and found that she can also use the bus to do errands on her way home by riding the bus from Western to the mall, then using another bus to get home to Lynden. ...more

Greg Hough unloads his bike from a WTA bus

Greg Hough

Every day, Greg Hough gets to and from work by riding his bike and taking the bus. In recognition of his efforts, Hough has won the quarterly $1,000 prize from the Whatcom County Smart Trips program. ...more





















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