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Jamie Granger

Jamie Granger of Facilities Management has been riding the bus to work since she got hired at Western a year ago.  She heard about the bus from her supervisor, who explained that it is an easy and economical choice.  She has found this advice to be true, and says, “It is not inconvenient at all”. 

Jamie also finds riding the bus to be a good choice because, “We have really nice buses here in Bellingham, and I’ve met nice people from campus!”  Jamie notes that many people riding the bus to Western take advantage of the bike racks on the front of the bus.  They get off the bus at the VU, take their bikes off the front of the bus, and cycle across campus.

While a student at Whatcom Community College, Jamie rode the bus everywhere because she didn’t have a car.  She plans to give her son a tutorial on how to ride the bus as well.  Jamie says it is empowering to young people to be able to get around, and wants him to be able to go places on his own. 

Jamie makes the choice to ride the bus because she’s environmentally aware.  And while she admits that it is difficult to overcome the convenience of a personal vehicle, the money she saves is a big bonus.  She saves by purchasing a bus pass instead of a parking permit, buys less gas, and spends less to maintain her car.   Earlier bus service is the only thing Jamie would change about the bus.  She says her whole custodial staff would take advantage of them if that was the case!   

Wheel Options sparked Jamie’s interest in logging her non drive alone trips at with Smart Trips – she hoped to win a trip!  She also enjoys all of the coupons for local businesses, and has set up her Smart Trips account so that she receives an email reminder every month to track her trips.  Jamie says that seeing the impact on the environment through the tracking info on her account makes her feel good, and she’ll continue riding the bus as long as she’s at Western! 

Contact The Sustainable Transportation Office to learn more about your commuting options. Also, log your smart trips at to become eligible for cash prizes, discounts and other rewards.   


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