Western Student Shuttle

New Student Shuttle Service

Winter Pilot will begin mid-January 2015

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The New Routes:

ROUTE A - Happy Valley

Departs Viking Union (every 45 minutes) serving

The Ridge, Rec Cntr, Campus Services, 21st, Donovan, 32nd, Sehome Village, Lincoln Crk P&R, Bill McDonald Pkwy(westbound), Campus, Holly & N. Forest, Magnolia, Indian.

(this route does not serve Fred Meyer/Lakeway)


ROUTE B - Fred Meyer/Lakeway

Departs Viking Union (every 30 minutes) serving

The Ridge, Rec Cntr, Campus Services, Bill McDonald Pkwy(eastbound), Lincoln Crk, Lakeway Cntr/Fred Meyer, Lakeway, Holly & N. Forest, Magnolia, Indian, Campus.

(this route does not serve Happy Valley)


Things to know:

Route A

  • Departs Viking Union every 45 minutes
  • Serves Happy Valley
  • Reverses direction at Lincoln Crk P&R
  • Serves Bill McDonald Pkwy westbound
  • Serves Haggard Hall
  • Travels both directions through campus
  • Service begins at 10pm on Sunday


Route B

  • Departs Viking Union every 30 minutes
  • Serves Fred Meyer/Lakeway
  • Travels one direction, in a circle
  • (it is the old Route A)
  • Serves Bill McDonald Pkwy eastbound
  • Service begins at 9pm on Sunday



  • Use Holly & N. Forest stop for Downtown service
  • (this is the stop across from the Food Co-op)
  • Holly & N.Forest is served by both shuttles
  • Shuttles do not travel through Downtown to Commercial, or the WTA station.



Both the A & B Shuttles serve the Lincoln Crk P&R, Sehome Village, and the Campus area (between Downtown and Campus Services).

  • If you need to transfer to reach your destination use a stop in these areas.
  • Check the schedule for the next arriving bus.
  • Shuttles A and B depart the Viking Union at the same time on a few loops during the evening, but not all.
  • Shuttles serve different destinations - if your destination is Happy Valley (A) or Fred Meyer/Lakeway (B), know which shuttle you are boarding.


Thought and planning has gone into the development of a route that can add Happy Valley service without adding cost (more buses, more drivers), and still maintain service to as much of the original areas as possible.

We look forward to constructive student comment and ideas that may improve the service. Those comments can be sent to AS.transportation@wwu.edu, or by calling the Transportation Office at 360-650-7960.



SHUTTLE SCHEDULE (print & fold)


The Western Student Shuttle is a late night shuttle service for Western students only - A valid Western ID Card is required to board.

Service begins the Sunday before classes start in the fall, and ends the Saturday of Commencement in June. The Student Shuttle does not operate during Summer Quarter, Thanksgiving vacation or Intersession Breaks.

Hours of Operation: Monday - Saturday, 11pm - 3am; Sunday, 9pm - 3am

News and Updates

The Student Shuttle is sometimes cancelled due to winter road conditions or other emergency

To receive text alerts when the shuttle is cancelled, text "follow wwushuttle" to 40404

Shuttle Policies

  • A Valid Western ID Card is required for boarding.
  • Be respectful of the driver and other passengers on the shuttle. Abstaining from profanity is expected.
  • Non-alcoholic beverages are allowed if they are in a closed container.
  • Food cannot be consumed on the shuttle and should be kept in a closed container or wrapper.
  • Guests:

One guest per student. The guest must be accompanied by a student with a valid Western Card.

For students with more than one guest:

    • AAA Taxi, 360-676-8300
    • Blue Cab, 360-734-3787
    • NW Town Car Service, 360-220-0207
    • Yellow Cab, 360-733-8294

Refusal of Service

Drivers reserve the right to refuse service to any person who does not observe policies, shows the potential to cause harm to themselves or others, or interferes with vehicle safety.

Additional Information

  • The Student Shuttle stops at all WTA bus stops along its route. In addition, the shuttle makes two stops downtown: Commercial & Holly Street at the Parkade, and Railroad Avenue outside the WTA station (the shuttle does NOT stop inside the WTA station downtown).
  • Items left on the bus will be taken to University Police Dispatch, located at Campus Services. Stop by or call 650-3555.
  • Shuttle service may be canceled during inclement weather or other road emergency.  For updated information call 360-650-7960 for a recorded message after hours. To receive a text message when shuttle service is cancelled text "follow wwushuttle" to 40404.
  • To avoid missing the bus, arrive at your stop a few minutes early.
  • Nightfall and rainy weather reduce visibility. If you are at an unlighted stop, wave at the driver to make sure you are seen.


The student shuttle is not affiliated with WTA.

For more information or to request disAbility accommodation, please contact Western Student Transportation at: (360) 650-7960 or via email at: AS.Transportation@wwu.edu.

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