University Relations & Marketing

Who We Are and What We Do

Mission Statement

Serve Western and its communities through listening, communications, promotion, advocacy and building partnerships

Strategic Goals and Objectives

To build and sustain stakeholder partnerships and investment

To cultivate relationships within and between the campus and our communities

To foster public and government support for Western

To foster a more inclusive culture

To illustrate Western is serving the public good

To increase campus and public understanding of the Western brand

To promote learning and research opportunities for students, faculty and staff

To proactively and effectively tell Western’s story

To promote and improve economic vitality in local communities and beyond

University Relations and Community Development SCOT Analysis

The Office of University Relations & Marketing is responsible for fostering and maintaining effective relationships and communication with local government as well as providing leadership to all efforts aimed at enhancing the reputation of and appreciation for the University, always striving to communicate and work effectively with our neighboring communities, businesses and entities.

The Office of University Relations & Marketing oversees

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