About Western

Making the most of a Western education means opening your mind, learning by doing, enriching the community, and shaping an academic adventure that is uniquely yours. You aren’t just getting an education; you are building a resume and a foundation for lifelong success.


Connect with Faculty

Western professors play an active role in their student’s lives, not just in the classroom. In the laboratory, on study tours, advising student groups, supporting individual student career aspirations, and simply going the extra mile, Western’s faculty is here for you.

Choose Your Path

Freedom to craft your education differentiates Western from many colleges and universities. Exploring options before declaring a major, supplementing your major with a minor or concentration in a second area of interest, doing an internship, or participating in countless academic enrichment opportunities makes learning exciting. Thoughtful planning is key.

Get Global

Western students participate in a variety of international experiences including study abroad, student teaching, internships, volunteer work, and faculty-led study tours. Many students also add a minor in International Studies, develop fluency in another language, or otherwise enjoy Western’s extensive selection of globally-focused academic options and initiatives coordinated by the Institute for Global Engagement.

Honors Program

The Honors Program offers bright and highly motivated students academic enrichment in the form of exclusive small and interactive classes, a close-knit intellectual learning community, an Honors residence hall cluster, collaborative learning space, and early access to faculty research teams and other scholarly pursuits. Admission is highly selective and the experience is exceptionally rewarding.

Pre-Med, Pre-Law, and other pre-professional pathways

Collaborative rather than cut-throat describes the Western culture. High expectations, academic commitment, quality advising, and strong faculty support result in high acceptance rates into medical school, law school, and other selective graduate programs.