WWU Graduation Requirements

What are the requirements for a bachelor’s degree from WWU?

See the University Catalogfor details, but here are the requirements in a nutshell:

  • Completing a minimum of 180 quarter credits
  • Earning a minimum of 45 credits through WWU
  • Completing 60 credits of upper-division study
  • Completing 3 upper-division writing proficiency points
  • Completing an approved academic major
  • Earning a grade of C- or better in major or minor coursework
  • Meet minimum G.P.A. requirements for WWU and the specific major
  • Satisfying General University Requirements(GURs)
  • Transfer of Associate Degrees:

    • Direct Transfer Agreement-Associate Degree: Students who have met the GUR requirements by completing credits at a Washington State two year college will have an indication on their Transfer Course Equivalency Report (TER): DTA Associates Degree.
    • Reverse Transfer: An approved associate degree is generally earned prior to initial enrollment at Western (on or off campus) as a transfer student. If any student wishes to complete such a degree in order to have it satisfy the GUR while enrolled at Western, it must be earned by the time the student 1) has completed 45 credits at Western, or 2) one calendar year has passed from initial enrollment, whichever comes later. A student seeking an exception to the 45 credit limit or one calendar year timeline must petition the Registrar’s Office for approval.
    • General Education Transfer Agreement: Students who have met the GUR requirements from credits taken at another baccalaureate institution should check Degree Evaluation with the Registrar’s Office for certification that they have met the GURs at Western.
    • Associate of Science – Transfer (AS-T): Students who have completed an Associate of Science-Transfer (AS-T) degree from a Washington state community or technical college may have a few remaining GUR courses to complete. An evaluation of what GURs they have to complete will be done by the Registrar’s Office prior to the students first quarter at Western.