A Legacy of Art

Back to Black: The word Black has a gold scribble above the A representing a crown while the letters are formed with bold graphic yellow, red, blue and black triangles.


We are so glad that you are joining in the celebration. Black History month, which started as a week to acknowledge the contributions of African Americans throughout U.S. History, has blossomed into so much more. It is a time to recognize that Black History is American history and honor the influences that the Black Diaspora has had and continues to have on the world. This is a time to reflect on our past, engage in the present, and create a better future. A future that where members of the Black Community can live and flourish, unapologetically.

This year’s theme of “Back to B.L.A.C.K. A Legacy of Art" honors the creativity and beauty that members of the Black Community have contributed to our world. We explore how we can show up as our authentic selves, embody art, and encourage allies to create spaces where Blackness is not only centered but uplifted. Allies, we invite you into community, to learn what it means to be anti-racist and what your role and responsibility is in creating safer spaces for Black communities to thrive. We hope that you take the time to explore, reflect, understand, and celebrate the Black experience in the array of offerings during this month-long celebration.

While Black History Month is a designated time to spotlight and highlight Blackness and the Black community, we encourage you to go a step further. Challenge yourself to advocate for the Black community every single day. We invite you to begin this journey by engaging with the Black Student Coalition; a space dedicated to centering our Black students throughout the year.

A special thank you to the members of the Black History Month Planning Committee for the time, hard work, dedication, and care that they have provided in organizing this month of events and in the work that they do with our students. This work is a labor of love. Your love and care has been and continues to be healing and transformative. Thank you for all that you do.


Nia Gipson, Coordinator of the Black Student Coalition, Black History Month Planning Committee Chair

Event Schedule

BLACK letters formed with bold graphic yellow, red, blue and black triangles.

Past Campus Events

  • Professional Staff Mentor Circle

    February 05, 2024, 4:00pm
    VU 565 A

    Join the Faculty and Staff of Color Council for an opportunity to engage with Senior Level professionals to learn about their experiences and journey within higher ed. This space centers entry- and mid-level faculty and staff of color but is open to all.

  • Lunch & Learn: Creating our own Table

    February 07, 2024, 12:00pm
    MCC Kitchen

    Join the Black Student Coalition as we kick off our Black Speaker Series! "Creating Our Own Table" is an opportunity to discuss how our individual pursuits towards independence can be supported by the arts for well-being. Workshop facilitator Deanna Lane will explore the following question: what does it look like when we create our own systems rather than relying on previous systems that don't meet our professional needs? She will also share experiences of Black and Indigenous intersectionality in creating a business.

  • Open Mic Night Takeover with ACC, Douglass Day Committee and ASP

    February 13, 2024, 7:00pm
    Underground Coffeehouse

    Join African Caribbean Club, the Douglass Day Committee, and AS Productions for an Open Mic Takeover: Black History Month Edition! 

  • Lunch & Learn: Douglass Day

    February 14, 2024, 9:00am
    MCC Kitchen

    WWU is participating in the national celebration of Frederick Douglass’ birthday by hosting Douglass Day, an event of commemoration and collective action. This year’s Douglass Day features will include a streaming of the live broadcast hosted by the national organizers with talks on the legacies of Douglass, a birthday cake celebration & bake-off, a raffle, and most importantly, a transcribe-a-thon where you can help provide access to the general correspondence of Frederick Douglass from the Library of Congress. The event is from 9-2, with lunch served from 12-1.

  • Lunch & Learn: Black is Art

    February 21, 2024, 12:00pm
    MCC Kitchen

    A conversation where we will discuss “reconciling internalized homophobia in black culture and anti-blackness in queer culture.” We also will, as part of the relaunch/rebranding of BLTC and Black History month, launch a “Black is Art” photoshoot similar to the “Black Love: A Revolution of Power”.

  • BSC Clubs Event

    February 23, 2024, 6:00pm

    Join the BSC Clubs as they close out BSC Clubs week with a collaborative event!

Past Community Events

  • Women’s Basketball Game

    February 01, 2024, 7:00pm
    Carver Gym

    Celebrate Black History Month with the BSC and WWU Athletics! 

  • Queering Research: Black Voices Panel

    February 15, 2024, 4:00pm
    Miller Hall 152

    A panel of Black identifying professionals in the Bellingham community coming to share their knowledge and power.

  • Men’s Basketball Game – Collab with BSC Clubs

    February 22, 2024, 7:00pm
    Carver Gym

    Celebrate Black History Month with the BSC and WWU Athletics!

  • A Legacy of Art Closing Celebration

    February 26, 2024, 4:00pm
    VU MPR

    Join us as we close out Black History Month, celebrating the legacy of Black art. Enjoy free services by local Black owned businesses, a photo shoot, a collective art piece, and Kulture Karaoke.

Past Student Events

  • Leading for Justice in Schools: How Community Based Epistemology and Black and Brown Influential Presence Creates Opportunities for All

    February 07, 2024, 4:00pm
    In-Person at WWU Academic Instructional Center West Room 204 or Online: Zoom.

    Leading for justice in schools through the advancement of racial equity and access has been the focus of Dr. William Jackson’s work as an educator and school principal since graduating from Woodring College of Education in 2012. In this presentation, Dr. Jackson will share his story from growing as a student at Western Washington University to an emerging teacher at Woodring College of Education, to then growing in his purpose and passion as a teacher and school leader focusing on educational justice.

  • Lunch & Learn – Lit 4 Health: Insider Tips from a Nurse Practitioner

    February 28, 2024, 12:00pm
    MCC Kitchen

    In this Lunch and Learn, Devyn Nixon, ARNP will offer strategies to get the most out of your healthcare visits including how to establish care, when to make an appointment, medication tips, and whether to go to a walk-in clinic, urgent care or the ER for the best care when there's no time to wait.  This session is ideal for students and faculty alike.  There will be time for Q&A.

Event Accessibility

These events are intended for all participants, including those with apparent or non-apparent disabilities.  For disability accommodation(s) (such as ASL interpretation, etc.) please contact Amy Westmoreland. Advanced notice is appreciated and sometimes necessary to arrange for some accessibility needs.

Resources for Additional Learning

Members of Planning Committee

  • Nia Gipson, Coordinator, Black Student Coalition, Black History Month Planning Committee Chair
  • Chelsea Joefield, Ethnic Student Center Program Manager and Club Advisor
  • Amy Salinas Westmoreland, Director, Office of Multicultural Student Services
  • Ezana Yassin, Student Leader, Program Director, Black Student Coalition
  • Ayanna Phillips, Program Manager, LGBTQ+ Western, ADEI Unit
  • Brandon Joseph, Director, Office of Student Resilience 
  • Nathaniel Gaines , Admissions Counselor, Admissions
  • Devyn Nixon, Instructor, Health and Community Studies, Woodring College of Education
  • David Barrows, Exam and Classroom Services Manager, Disability Access Center 

Black History Month Co- Sponsors

  • Black Student Coalition
  • Multicultural Student Services
  • Ethnic Student Center
  • LGBTQ+ Western
  • Woodring College of Education (CEED, ESJ) 
  • AS Productions 
  • Douglass Day Committee
  • WWU Athletics; JEDI Team 
  • Outdoor Center

Douglass Day Sponsors

  • Center for Canadian-American Studies
  • College of Humanities & Social Sciences 
  • English Department
  • Department of Global Humanities and Religions
  • Office of the Provost
  •  Political Science Department
  •  Sociology Department
  •  Western Libraries
  •  Ray Wolpow Institute
  • Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies