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Download Schedule

There are two types of downloads, weekly and monthly.

  • Weekly downloads are scheduled for Tuesdays, unless otherwise noted. Weekly downloads capture approved transactions only.
  • Monthly downloads are normally scheduled on the day before the fiscal period close, but subject to change.
    • The download will capture all transactions whether or not they have been reviewed or approved.
    • For non-approved transactions, a manual approvals must be submitted by the Approver.
    • Any funding correction required will have to be process through the Journal Voucher process.

Please keep in mind that you will have better visibility of your expenditures if you review and approve transactions weekly rather than monthly. You have access to the system at any time. Your purchases will appear on your Transaction List as soon as they are posted by the bank. It is recommended that you check PaymentNet for transactions on a weekly basis to avoid last minute approvals prior to the download.

  • Year-End Download captures all transactions approved by the end of the fiscal year (June 30). Remaining transactions will be processed in the accrual period. Transactions should be recorded based on the date the good/service is received. To be sure transactions are posted to the correct fiscal year, please pay attention to the PaymentNet Post Date and Transaction Date.
    • If the Transaction Date and Post Date are 6/30 or prior, you need take no action – the transaction will be recorded in the current Fiscal Year
    • If the Transaction Date is 6/30 or prior but the Post Date is 7/1 or later, you need take no action – Accounting Services will reverse the expense out of the next Fiscal Year and post it to the current Fiscal Year via upload
    • If the Transaction Date and Post Date are 7/1 or later and you know the good/service was received prior to 6/30, email with the transaction number, dollar amount, and merchant, requesting that the item be added to the next correcting upload.


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Scheduled Download DatePosting Dates of TransactionsDownload Type
July 9, 2019Jul 1-9Weekly
July 16, 2019Jul 1-16Weekly
July 23, 2019Jul 1-23Weekly
July 30, 2019Jul 1-30Weekly
August 6, 2019Jul 1-31Monthly
August 13, 2019Aug 1-13Weekly
August 20, 2019Aug 1-20Weekly
August 27, 2019Aug 1-27Weekly
September 6, 2019Aug 1-31Monthly
September 10, 2019Sep 1-10Weekly
September 17, 2019Sep 1-17Weekly
September 24, 2019Sep 1-24Weekly
October 4, 2019Sep 1-30Monthly
October 8, 2019Oct 1-8Weekly
October 15, 2019Oct 1-15Weekly
October 22, 2019Oct 1-22Weekly
October 29, 2019Oct 1-29Weekly
November 5, 2019Oct 1-31Monthly
November 12, 2019Nov 1-12Weekly
November 19, 2019Nov 1-19Weekly
November 26, 2019Nov 1-26Weekly
December 5, 2019Nov 1-30Monthly
December 10, 2019Dec 1-10Weekly
December 17, 2019Dec 1-17Weekly
December 24, 2019Dec 1-24Weekly
December 31, 2019Dec 1-31Weekly
January 7, 2020Dec 1-31Monthly
January 14, 2020Jan 1-14Weekly
January 21, 2020Jan 1-21Weekly
January 28, 2020Jan 1-28Weekly
February 6, 2020Jan 1-31Monthly
February 11, 2020Feb 1-11Weekly
February 18, 2020Feb 1-18Weekly
February 25, 2020Feb 1-25Weekly
March 5, 2020Feb 1-28Monthly
March 10, 2020Mar 1-10Weekly
March 17, 2020Mar 1-17Weekly
March 24, 2020Mar 1-24Weekly
March 31, 2020Mar 1-31Weekly
April 6, 2020Mar 1-31Monthly
April 7, 2020Apr 1-7Weekly
April 14, 2020Apr 1-14Weekly
April 21, 2020Apr 1-21Weekly
April 28, 2020Apr 1-28Weekly
May 6, 2020Apr 1-30Monthly
May 5, 2020May 1-5Weekly
May 12, 2020May 1-12Weekly
May 19, 2020May 1-19Weekly
May 26, 2020May 1-26Weekly
June 4, 2020May 1-31Monthly
June 9, 2020Jun 1-9Weekly
June 16, 2020Jun 1-16Weekly
June 23, 2020Jun 1-23Weekly
June 30, 2020Jun 1-30Weekly
July* 3, 2020Jun 1-30Monthly