Business Services

Bulk / Standard Mail / Non-Profit

Use if you have more than 200 identical letters

Bulk mail rates are approximately half the first class rate. Western business mail qualifies for non-profit status, but note that

  • Let Mail Services help: No mail house or individual is allowed to submit mailings to the USPS without an authorized signature or pre-arranged permission.
  • These rates are to be used on WWU business mail ONLY.

For additional Savings

  • Discounted First Class Presort mailings can be mailed in volumes of 500 or more zipped addresses, identical in weight and content for a savings of @.03 each.


  • 200 or more domestically addressed identical pieces
    • no personal messages; contents must be identical
  • Arranged in zip code order (5 digits only)
  • Void of non-WWU advertising
  • Void of personal information
  • Good addresses: NCOA certificate of update within 95 days of your mailing (see below)
  • Submitted to WWU mail service allowing (5-7) days for processing
    • Hint: allow additional 3-10 days transit time for this time of mailing
  • Return address with WWU on the Top line
  • Size requirements met
  • Less than 16 ounces per piece - each piece identical in weight

Supply Electronic Mailing List for Best Rates

Provide your mailing list electronically to Mail Services and get these advantages:

  • Mail Services will improve your address list to ensure the mail gets to your recipients . Address cleansing (CASS certification) and Move Updating (NCOA) are required to get the best rates.
    • This must be done within 95 days of mailing so don't reuse the same mailing list for more than three months
  • Addressing can be done automatically by our machine labellers at the same time the CASS and NCOA services are done
  • You wil qualify for reduced postage rates!
  • Barcoding can also be done for further rate reductions.