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This partial list of account codes will assist you when reviewing and approving PCard transactions on PaymentNet. If you do not find an appropriate account code or have a question about account codes, please call the Purchasing Department x3340.

* Denotes a category that is non-taxable

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E111 Supplies & Materials Expenses E220* Insurance Exp
E112 Books & Pamphlets Expenses E222 Web Service Activity Fees
E115 Lab Supplies & Materials Expenses E223 Ticket Service Fee
E116 Computer Supplies‐Paper E230 Vehicle Maintenance Exp
E117 Computer Printer Ribs/Cart/Reinking E231* Vehicle Fuel
E119* Pharmaceuticals E232 Parking Expense
E120 Permit Supply Expense E240 Other Goods & Services Exp
E122 Medical Supplies E241* Advertising Exp
E130 Communications Exp E242 Freight/Transport Expense
E131 Telephone Exp E243 Receptions/Meetings Exp
E132* Postage & Mail Exp E244 Promotional Items/T‐shirts
E133 Other Communications Exp E245 Royalties Exp
E135 Data Communications E246 Student Activities
E145* Refuse Disposal Exp E247 Laundry
E147* Recycling Charge E255 Hand Tools
E151 Computer Rent/Lease Expense E256 Safety Shoes
E152 Office Machines Rent/Lease Exp E257 Clothing/Uniforms/Costumes
E153 Media Rent/Lease Exp E261* Recruitment Advertising Expense
E154 Telecable Rent/Lease Exp E263 Meals Coffee & Light Refreshments
E155 Building Rent/Lease Exp E268 Scenery & Stage Props
E156 Films Rent/Lease Exp E269 Stage Lighting & Sound Production
E157 Software Leases/License Agreements E279 Alternative Transportation Services
E159 Other Rent/Lease Exp E281 Event Expense
E160 Repairs/Alt/Maint Exp E351 In-State Lodging/Subsistence
E161 Building Repairs/Alt/Maint Exp E352 Out‐of‐State Lodging/Subsistence
E162 Equipment Repairs/Alt/Maint Exp E353 Foreign Travel Expense
E163 Parts/Supply‐Repairs/Alt/Maint Exp E354 Other Travel Expense
E164 Other‐Repairs/Alt/Maint Exp E355 Foreign Travel Expense
E165 Contracts‐Equipment Maintenance E356 Interview Expenses
E171 Printing Exp E357 Relocation Expenses
E172 Print & Copy Center E358 Non-Employee Travel Reimbursement
E173 Self-Server Copier E370 Out-of-State Lodging/Subsistence
E174 Media Reproduction Exp E374 Out-of-State Airfare
E175 Library Binding Exp E381 Ground Transportation
E178 Outside Printing Exp E402 Non-Cap/Non-Inv Computer Components
E179 Course Packs E403 Non-Cap/Non-Inv Software
E191* Education & Training Fees E404 Non-Cap/Non-Inv Other Equipment
E192* Dues & Memberships Exp E405 Non-Cap/Non-Inv Furnishings
E193* Convention Fees & Registration Exp E407 Non-Cap/Non-Inv Computer Equipment
E194* Profession Lic/Permits/Fees E408 Inventoriable/Small & Attractive
E195 Employee Awards Expense E409 Inventoriable/Small & Attractive IT
E200 Subscriptions Exp E416 Cost Share - Equipment
E213 Misc Purchased Services Exp E421 Library Orders
E216 Purchased Computer Services Expense E999 Unreconciled PCARD Transactions