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PaymentNet Training

Western Specific Training Videos

Western specific PaymentNet training video sources
Lesson Description Length
Compatibility Compatibility View 35 seconds
Reviewing Transactions Basic steps of reviewing transactions 5 minutes
Splitting a Transaction How to split a transaction 2 minutes
Grant and Foundation Related Transactions New process on how to Review Grant and Foundation transaction expenses 5 minutes
Approving Transactions Basic steps on reviewing transactions 4 minutes

General PaymentNet Cardholder Training

Here are a series of self-directed training videos created by J.P.Morgan focused on the basic PaymentNet tasks.

General PaymentNet cardholder training video sorces
Lesson Description Length
Introduction Introduction to training 2 minutes
Log In Log-In standards and procedures 5 minutes
User Interface Navigation and My Profile 6 minutes
Transactions I Review and allocate 11 minutes
Transactions II Authorizations/declines, and queries (Note: Western does not utilize Statements) 10 minutes
Reports Processing and downloading 5 minutes
Help Getting help in PaymentNet 4 minutes

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