Business Services

Submitting Your Files

File Formatting

The Print & Copy Center has the capability to print from most file types, but many "original" files change when they are opened and printed from a different computer and sent to a printer other than the one selected when the file was created.

Here are some tips to assure that your files print the way they look on your computer screen:

  • Convert your files to PDF format, using the Press Quality settings in Acrobat, and review it before sending it to us. This is especially important with WORD and PUBLISHER documents.
  • All photos that are to be enlarged and printed on the large format printer need to be of a very high resolution; otherwise the picture will become pixilated when enlarged.
  • All files should be set up at the final print size. Enlarging small documents to large format is problematic from a layout and quality aspect.

Getting Your Files To Us

Most word documents can be attached to the Print & Copy Services e-sign form. However, some files are too large (any file over 4 MB) and will not attach. If this is the case you can place your file on the P drive (P:\PGWC\PGWC_Public) and place in the appropriate folder for your department. Please indicate where the file was placed on your e-form.