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What is the Department Travel Card?

The Department Travel Card is a VISA travel card that is supported by the PaymentNet online system to review transactions and allocating transactions to appropriate budget and account codes. The Department Travel card is to be used for travel related expenses and is issued in the name of a University staff member in a department or area who will become the Department Travel Liaison.

The individual should be responsible and confirm that an approved Travel Authorization is on file prior to making travel arrangement. The individual will be responsible for adherence to the University Travel Policy and Procedures when using the Department Travel Card.

The Department Travel Cardholder/Travel Liaison will be responsible for making travel arrangements for individual and/or group travel for:

  • Students or Student Group Traveling on University Business
  • For Faculty and Staff traveling on University Business
  • Non-University employees (including Candidates for a position, speakers, guest lecturers and other individuals authorized by the University)

What is it used for?

The Department Travel Card can be used for the following travel expenses:

  • Airfare, rental car, charter and rail
  • Hotel/lodging
  • Registration fees
  • Vehicle Rental

Who is Eligible?

Only permanent employees of the University are eligible to obtain the Department Travel Card with the approval of the, VP, Dean or Financial Manager. Students, Research assistants, and non-University employees are NOT eligible to receive a Department Travel Card.

The Department Travel Card is issued only to University staff responsible for making travel arrangements for their departments and program. It requires the Cardholder to understand the University Travel Policy and Procedures. They are to do monthly reconciliation and provide documentation for all transactions.
For more information about the Department Travel Card Program contact Becky Kellow, Card Administrator at ext. 3270.

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