1) You may make an appointment with the Equal Opportunity Office by calling (360) 650-3307. We will review with you our Discrimination Complaint Procedure, which allows us to assist you through informal resolution or formal investigation.

2) You may fill out a Bias Incident Reporting Form. This form allows you to describe an incident and can be submitted anonymously or you may provide your name and contact information for further follow-up. If you remain anonymous, please know that the Equal Opportunity Office may not be able to look into your situation or investigate without further information.

If you are dealing with an emergency situation, or to report incidents that rise to the level of a crime, please call 911 or 360 650-3911 (University Police).

Equal Opportunity Office


Sue Guenter-Schlesinger, Vice Provost for Equal Opportunity and Employment Diversity, Title IX and ADA Coordinator

The Equal Opportunity (EO) Office serves faculty, staff, and students in ensuring that the campus climate is free from discrimination and sexual harassment. Federal and State laws, as well as University policies, protect faculty, staff, and students against discrimination based on the following legally protected characteristics: Race, Color, Creed, Religion, National Origin, Sex (including pregnancy and parenting status), Gender Identity and Expression, Sexual Orientation, Disability, Age, Veteran Status, Marital Status, and Genetic Information.

If faculty, staff, or students believe they have been treated unfairly based on one of the legally protected characteristics listed above, they may contact our office for advice and assistance. We are dedicated to trying to informally resolve and mediate discrimination concerns, if possible, and to investigating and resolving formal complaints should they be filed.

The EO Office also serves as a resource to faculty, staff and students on a wide variety of equal opportunity, affirmative action and diversity related issues. The Office has a growing library of publications and media that deal with these subjects. Should you have any questions about our office, resources or services, we welcome a visit or call.



Dr. Sue Guenter-Schlesinger
Vice Provost for Equal Opportunity & Employment Diversity

Title IX Coordinator
ADA Coordinator

Request any information on this website in an alternative format by calling the Equal Opportunity Office at 360-650-3307 (voice) or 711 (Washington Relay).

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