Equal Opportunity Office


Haven: Understanding and Preventing Sexual Violence

All new employees and new matriculated students are required to complete Haven, an online training about sexual violence prevention and response.  This training requirement, contained in Western’s Policy on Preventing and Responding to Sex Discrimination, Including Sexual Misconduct, reflects Western’s culture and values.  It is part of a national effort across college campuses aimed at decreasing sexual violence, empowering university community members to engage as bystanders, and building awareness about how to support survivors.  The training also ensures students, faculty and staff are aware of their rights under Title IX, a civil rights law prohibiting sex discrimination, including sexual violence.

Western is sensitive to community members who have a personal history with sexual violence.  Students, faculty and staff who feel this training would be unacceptably upsetting due to that experience may contact Prevention and Wellness Services at (360) 650-2993 (students) or the Equal Opportunity Office at (360) 650-3307 (employees) to discuss an alternative way to receive important information contained in the training.  Confidential resources are also available to survivors.

Haven for Employees

All new faculty and staff, including temporary employees, are required to complete Haven for Faculty and Staff. This online training takes between 45 minutes and one hour to complete. Employees can access the training here.  Faculty and staff are asked to do this training within their first week of employment.  Student employees complete Haven for Students, not Haven for Faculty and Staff.  Faculty and staff with questions about completing Haven may contact the Equal Opportunity Office/Title IX Coordinator at (360) 650-3307 or eoo@wwu.edu.

Haven for Employees is required in addition to the live Sexual Harassment Prevention Training (see below) that new permanent employees must take, and that new temporary employees are strongly encouraged to take, within the first six months of employment.

Haven for Students

Haven is required of all new matriculating students.  Not completing Haven will result in a hold being placed on a new student’s registration for future quarters.  Students receive an email with instructions about how to access the training, and deadlines for completion, after registering for their first quarter at Western.  Prevention & Wellness Services’ website provides more information about Haven for Students, and questions about Haven for Students should be directed to pws@wwu.edu.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

State and federal laws and Western’s Policy on Preventing and Responding to Sex Discrimination, Including Sexual Misconduct require periodic ongoing training in the prevention of sexual harassment.  The training is required for permanent staff and tenure-track faculty, and strongly encouraged for other employees.  Supervisors may require that their temporary employees participate in this training.  Sexual harassment prevention training provides important information about rights and responsibilities relative to sexual harassment.  Topics covered include how to recognize sexual harassment, what to do if sexual harassment occurs, Western’s discrimination complaint procedure, and supervisory responsibilities.  Specialized training in the prevention of sexual harassment for supervisors or other groups is also available upon request.

Training in the prevention of sexual harassment has two components:

New permanent employees are required to attend in-person Sexual Harassment Prevention Training (SHPT).  Individuals can register for an upcoming in-person training session by signing in to Western’s Learning Management System.

Faculty and staff who attended in-person SHPT three or more years ago are required to take an online Sexual Harassment Prevention Refresher Training via Canvas.  Employees receive an email directly from the EO Office when they need to complete this Refresher Training.

Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action in Classified Staff Searches

Multiple federal and state civil rights laws require that all job applicants be provided with an equal opportunity to seek employment at Western. Affirmative action regulations likewise require that search committees engage in proactive efforts to build diverse applicant pools for staff positions. This training will explore what these requirements mean in practice as we conduct searches for classified staff positions, and what we can do to ensure that searches for classified staff are equitable and inclusive of diverse applicants at every step.

This training is geared towards members of classified staff search committees and hiring authorities for these positions who have not recently attended search briefings provided by the Equal Opportunity Office for professional staff or faculty search committees. Employees can register for an upcoming session by signing in to Western's Learning Management System and under "Type," selecting "Equal Opportunity Office."

Understanding and Addressing Implicit Bias

This workshop explores how unconscious biases can impact interactions with and decisions about job applicants, students, colleagues, and others we engage with in our roles at Western. Workshop participants will learn tools to limit the influence of implicit biases, and to productively address concerns about unconscious bias when they arise.

Other Equal Opportunity & Diversity Training

The EO Office also provides training and facilitated conversation on a variety of other topics concerning equal opportunity, affirmative action and diversity and inclusion.  Training topics include ADA and Title IX compliance, communicating across differences, and preventing and addressing bullying and harassment based on race, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disability, and religion.

Trainings can be developed to meet the needs of particular departments.