Marine Mammal Ecology Lab

May 2013

Erin D'Agnese, M.Sc. student

22 May 2013

Last weekend Dyanna Lambourn, one of her interns and I were on the haul-out setting up the field station for the summer. We set up two blinds and I secured 18 bowling balls scattered across the haul-out. Here are some pictures from the set up and of the seals and the haul-out after the set up. There haven't been any bowling seals yet!

unloading the boat! (Photos thanks to Dyanna Lambourn)

Securing the bowling ball scaling objects with stakes and stoppers into the ground at the haul-out.

Dyanna securing some camoflauge to the blind so the seals can't see when researchers sneak behind the blind.

The final set up of the blinds!

The next day we took a still picture of a bunch of seals hauled-out with bowling balls! They don't seem to mind the bowling balls at all. We will be putting more out there in the next few weeks and getting the cameras all set up for the summer research.