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Financial Aid

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Financial Aid Counselors are here to help you navigate the process of learning about different financial aid programs and applying.


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The Department of Financial Aid stands with our Black students and Communities of Color


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“The most significant way we can correct past and ongoing injustices is by accelerating the rate and scope of our own systemic change, and that starts with increasing equity of access and equity of outcomes for all students.”

President Sabah Randhawa

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The new, nationally recognized Washington College Grant (formerly the State Need Grant) makes a college degree affordable. The maximum award amount will cover full tuition for in-state students at Western, and because it’s a grant, there is ordinarily no need to pay it back. 

An eligible student from a family of four making around $50,000 or less per year can receive a full award.  Partial grants are available for families making up to the state’s median family income, around $97,000 per year.  

Plus, there is no separate application for the Washington College Grant.  Students should complete a state or federal financial aid application to determine eligibility and state residency.

Apply today for financial aid.

We're here to help you understand the cost of your education.

We recognize that college is a big investment for you and your family. Take advantage of our resources to help navigate the cost of your education. We have detailed cost estimates, a net price calculator, budget worksheets, housing and dining options, and debt management information. If you have emergency needs, please contact our department.

Learn the fundamentals of the financial aid application process. We offer detailed options for every student type, explanations of various forms of aid, and information for parents.

Financial aid is a process. We want you to understand your financial aid offer letter, know how to accept your financial aid offer, and what happens after your FAFSA has been processed.

There are many factors that impact your eligibility for aid when you are a student. Knowing how different decisions will impact your aid will help you maintain eligibility. Learn how payments work, how to renew your aid, what happens when courses are dropped and how to maintain satisfactory academic progress.

Explore additional resources.

When scholarships, grants and loans aren't enough, we still have other opportunities to consider.

Steps to Success

1. File

File the FAFSA/WASFA by January 31, 2021, to meet Western’s priority filing date.

If you missed the FAFSA/WASFA priority filing date, file ASAP because it isn’t too late, some aid types don’t run out.

2. Respond

Promptly respond to requests for additional required information or documents from Financial Aid so that we can finalize your aid offer.

3. Explore

Explore additional financial resources through the Scholarship and Student Employment Centers.

Financial Aid Timeline

  • October 1 – FAFSA is available online at
  • January 15 – Notification begins for Admissions merit scholarships
  • January 31 – Western’s FAFSA priority date
  • Mid-March – Western Financial Aid Awards mailed to students
  • June – August – Revised Financial Aid Awards will be mailed if estimates were initially provided or if additional awards are granted  
  • May 1 – Priority date to commit to Western by submitting your enrollment confirmation