Religion and Spirituality

Western Washington University recognizes and upholds the rights of all members of our community to receive equal educational and employment opportunities regardless of their religion or creed. We prohibit discrimination on the basis of creed and of religion.

Western also complies with RCW 28B.10.039 and 2014 c 168 § 4, as amended by SSB 5166, which requires us to accommodate "students who, due to the observance of religious holidays, expect to be absent or endure a significant hardship during certain days of the course or program. 'Reasonably accommodate' means coordinating with the student on scheduling examinations or other activities necessary for the completion of the program and includes rescheduling examinations or activities or offering different times for examinations or activities."

The Washington State Council of Presidents, which includes the state's public four-year colleges and universities, maintains the Holiday & Observance Calendar to assist with planning. Students are encouraged to communicate early and directly with their individual faculty to plan absences for religious observances, or to receive other accommodations. If a student feels that a faculty member has discriminated on the basis of religion in providing or failing to provide an accommodation, the student may consult the Office of Civil Rights and Title IX Compliance, Old Main 345, MS 9021, 516 High Street, Bellingham, WA 98225; 360.650.3307 (voice) or 711 (Washington Relay); or email

Resources for Upcoming Holidays and Observances

Holiday & Observance Calendar