Sustainable Communities Partnership

Western’s Sustainable Communities Partnership (SCP) program focuses the energy and ideas of faculty and students upon the issues that cities and counties face as our society transitions to a more sustainable future. SCP partners with one or two communities each academic year, facilitating a program in which many Western courses complete service-learning projects that address problems identified by the partner.

2016-2017 Partner: City of Edmonds

In the 2016—2017 academic year, SCP will partner with the City of Edmonds, WA. Eleven courses will be engaged in efforts to deal with specific issues faced by the City:

  • Ecological Restoration (ESCI 470, fall 2016) will recommend methods by which Edmonds can minimize stormwater impacts upon the Edmonds Marsh. Retrieve the report. 
  • Campus Sustainability Planning Studio (ENVS 471, fall 2016) will research the means by which Edmonds might best handle food waste and construction waste. Retrieve the report.  
  • Public Relations Research and Campaigns (JOUR 440, fall 2016) will help Edmonds promote a downtown cultural/arts corridor. Retrieve the report.  
  • Computer Science Capstone (CSCI 491, fall 2016) will develop a mobile app that attracts visitors to Edmonds and informs them of attractions and events.
  • Science and Management of Contaminated Sites (ESCI 453 & 454, winter & spring 2017) will evaluate environmental risks associated with a land parcel that Edmonds might soon acquire.
  • Recreation Programming (RECR 373, winter 2017) will help Edmonds chart a path toward participation in the “Playful City USA” program, which seeks to promote the health of our nation’s youth. Retrieve the report.  
  • Disaster Reduction and Emergency Planning (ENVS 476, spring 2017) will analyze the impacts of rising sea level on Edmonds.
  • Advanced Spatial Analytics (ENVS 422, spring 2017) will use GIS to modernize management of the Edmonds Memorial Cemetery.
  • Greening Business Applications (MGMT 466, spring 2017) will help develop the fledgling Green Business Pledge program in Edmonds.
  • Participatory Action Research (ANTH 454, spring 2017) will perform an assessment of walkability within a region adjacent to the Edmonds downtown core.

Edmonds and SCP are partnering pursuant to the terms of an Interlocal Agreement   approved in July 2016.

Next Partner: Selection Process

The process for selecting a partner for the 2017—2018 academic year will begin on January 4, 2017. Use the links below to download a FAQ handout, some examples of possible projects, and the application materials. A timeline of the application process can be seen in the right sidebar.

Development of a successful application involves iterative discussions between your staff and ours. Give us a call…

Download the Program Application Instructions  

Download the SCP FAQ   document.

Download the SCP Project Examples Appendix  


Lindsey MacDonald,
Program Coordinator

Phone: (360)650-3824

Office Hours: 9:00-12:00 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Application Timeline

January 2018 Application cycle opens.

Please feel free to email with any inquiries about the process between now and then.

March 2018 Applications due.


The Association of Washington Cities (AWC) has provided invaluable assistance during the launch of Western’s SCP program. AWC provided seed funding, guidance regarding program design, help with promotion of the program, and advice regarding selection of the inaugural partner. Thank you, AWC!