Student Technology Fee

Student Technology Fee

These laptops in the Mac Pro Library were upgraded with 2011 Student Tech Fee monies earmarked for computer lab upgrades. They are available for checkout in HH 114, ATUS Equipment Loan. The original STF grant was from 2006.

Mobile charging power packs, purchased by the Student Technology Fee, are available in the Student Technology Center.

The Student Technology Fee supports the acquisition of technology to enrich students' academic experience.

Student Technology Fee 2019-2022 Overview

The current Student Technology Fee is $35 (full-time students) or $17 (part-time students)*. Funding is dedicated to the following purposes:

  • $15.00 for computer lab renewal and replacement
  • $6.75 for the Student Technology Center
  • $5.15 for wireless network renewal and replacement
  • $4.35 for STF proposals (now called Tech initiatives)
  • $2.00 for the Digital Media Center (DMC)
  • $1.75 for a print quota

How did the current fee come about?

During fall quarter 2017, the Associated Students (AS) Board of Directors appointed a committee to consider the amount and uses of a new Student Technology Fee recommendation to be voted upon by the student body in spring 2018. The referendum had the following results:

  • The referendum passed.
  • The Student Technology Fee remains at $35.00 per quarter for students with 6 credits or more, and $17.50 per quarter for students with 1 to 5 credits. (The previous fee for 2014-2018 academic years was also $35 per quarter, but with a different funding allocation.)
  • The current fee is effective for four years, and then will be subject to renewal.

Tech Initiatives Proposals, Academic Year 2020

$4.35 of the $35 Student Tech Fee is for the Tech Initiatives projects, which are determined through a proposal process. This represents approximately $184,000 in projects for the current academic year. The process includes two phases: initial abstracts and full proposals.

*Due to the primarily remote teaching and learning environment resulting from COVID-19, the winter 2021 fee has been reduced to $33.25/$16.63. This reflects the $1.75 print quota allocation.