2017-19 Capital Budget Request & 10-Year Plan

Western submitted the 2017-27 10-Year Plan And 2017-19 Capital Budget Request to the State the second week of September 2016.

2017-19 Capital Budget Comparison (Includes Approved Budget)

Higher Education List Of Capital Projects

2017-19 Capital Project Proposals

As part of the budget request process, Western Washington University and the other Higher Ed institutions must submit project proposals (due August 15) for scoring to OFM for all major and intermediate projects requested for the 2017-19 biennium.

Western has submitted the following project proposals:

2017-2019 Minor Works Capital Project Requests

The 2017-19 Minor Works Requests were developed using a campus-wide process and over 200 minor works requests were submitted by individuals. Requests were forwarded to the individual's supervisor, chair, or director, then to Planning Unit Leaders followed by their vice-presidents. The process started in October 2015 and by January 2016 the Vice President's prioritized these requests and submitted them to FDCB for inclusion in the Capital Budget Request. Information about these requests was presented to the UPRC and the campus community. Requests were written to support the University's Strategic Goals and college/divisional Six-Year Plans.

Submitted Minor Works forms are available for viewing.

The 2017-19 forms that have been received may be viewed below. The forms in the list only represent that they have been received by the esign system.

2017-2019 Capital Planning Process

Western faculty, staff and administrators engaged in a year-long process to develop the 2017-2019 Capital Budget Request and to update the 2017-2027 10-Year Capital Plan. The Capital Plan includes major (over $5 million) and intermediate-sized ($2 million to $5 million) and minor works ($25,000 to $2 million) preservation and programmatic projects. The Vice Presidents and the Capital Development Working Group reviewed potential major and intermediate sized projects and received helpful feedback from the UPRC, the Board of Trustees and the campus community.

The Western Washington University Board of Trustees passed the 2017-2019 Capital Budget Request and 2017-2027 Capital Plan at the June 10, 2016 board meeting.

Board of Trustees Documents

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