PW746 New Residence Hall

The new residence hall will offer a modern signature living community with about 400 beds in a variety of spaces, including semi-suites, full suites, and studio single apartments. The project will provide a net gain of 264 beds after accounting for the loss of Highland Hall. It is designed to appeal to a wide range of students, including upper division students who often look for amenities and room types not currently available on campus.

Work on the project began in August 2019 with the demolition of Highland Hall and Highland Lounge and the building of a new parking lot to replace 14G, which has been permanently closed as part of the residence hall project. Site preparation will continue through the end of 2019, with construction scheduled to begin in January of 2020. Work is expected to continue through July of 2021. Students are scheduled to move into the new building in fall 2021.

The new residence hall design is intended to overcome the steep grade from main campus at College Hall to provide ADA access, through the use of ramps, landings and an elevator, to and through the hall. A single pathway for all through the new residence hall, described as a "shared journey" for the community, will offer convenient access to dining, meeting and other amenities in the Ridgeway complex and on north campus.

Amenities will include lounges, common kitchens, kitchenettes in some units, study and collaboration spaces, laundry and storage. Secure bicycle storage will be available indoors in a first floor bike storage room and outside with covered and uncovered bike racks. Site improvements will include pedestrian pathways and improved lighting from the north end of the Ridgeway compex to campus.

The project is targeting a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Silver rating. To reduce waste, energy consumption, and resource use, the project will reuse on-site materials where possible, including the use of old concrete for fill and the re-purposing of the Highland Lounge roof beams as furniture in the new building. The reuse of the concrete onsite will eliminate the need for 50-100 truck trips for hauling out rubble and bringing in dirt, while keeping the concrete out of landfills. The design will also optimize energy and water use and encourage alternative transportation methods.

For more project information, please refer to the FAQ page.

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View North from Ridgeway Commons parking lot

New Residence Hall Live Stream from Ridgeway Commons parking lot. (2 Second Delay)

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New Residence Hall Live Stream from Ridgeway Commons parking lot. (2 Second Delay)

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Western Washington University has issued two SEPA determinations related to the New Residence Hall Project. These determinations were issued after thorough review of the environmental checklists required by state statute. The following determinations were made on June 27, 2019 and the review period was open until July 13, 2019. In working with the City of Bellingham's permitting office, we have agreed to complete a third SEPA review for the new construction. Upon completion, WWU has issued a final Determination of Non-Significance on October 3, 2019. Review period is open until October 17, 2019.

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