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"Sometimes I have a terrible need of, shall I say the word, religion.
Then I go out at night and paint the stars."
  Vincent Van Gogh 1888

The Planetarium features scenic and astronomical photography by a variety of professional and amateur artists, including the amazing work of the world famous RL.Dietz. RL is the current producer of "Keystone Astronomers at Large," a television production dedicated to the non-serious side of astronomy.

Another Keystone Astronomer featured in this gallery is RL's sidekick astronomer, B.P. Snowder

Some of RL's images can be seen on the set of the television production "Babylon 5." For more about that, and to see other great prints from RL's portfolio, be sure to visit the Babylon 5 Collection.

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Aberdeen Glass
Auroral Curtain
Barringer Crater
Big Ben and Sky
Comet Hale Bopp
Comet Halley
Comet Hyakutake
Corona Galore
Cygnus the Swan
Diamond Ring
Double Cluster
Full Sun Full Moon
Grand Tetons
Hale-Bopp and Sage
Kitt Peak, AZ
Lagoon and Trifid
Luna Up Close
Mars on Good Night
Mount Baker
Mount Rainier
Mount Si
New Moon
Orion and Taurus
Peacock Aurora
Scutum Star Cloud
Shasta Moon
Stonehenge Trilithons
Stonehenge, Mary Hill