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current moon phase

Bellingham Washington USA

Latitude 48 deg 44.14 min North
Longitude 122 deg 29.11 min West

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Pacific Time Zone
hours difference from Universal Time to Pacific Time.
Equation of Time
minutes between the current apparent time and mean time.
Longitude Correction
minutes from the center of the Pacific Time Zone to WWU.
Julian Day Number
linear count of days from January 1, 4713 BC to today.
Local Sidereal Time
the right ascension of stars currently on our local meridian.
Universal Time
a.k.a. Greenwich Mean Time.
Your Local Time
as determined by your computer internal clock.

WWU Public Observing Sessions
Wednesday night observing (weather permitting) with the Physics/Astronomy Dept's 12 inch LX 200 Meade telescope.
click for more information.
Whatcom Association of Celestial Observers
A society dedicated to preserving the arts and skills of amateur astronomy. For information on star parties and other events be sure to check out the WACO WEBSITE.

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