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"We had the stars up there," said Huck, "And we use to lie on our backs and look up at them and discuss 'bout whether they was made or just happened. Jim he allowed that the stars was made, but I allowed they just happened. Jim said the Moon could'a laid them; Well, that looked kind of reasonable so I didn't say nothing against it. I've seen a frog lay most as many, so of course it could be done."   Mark Twain (Huckleberry Finn)

Detailed Moon Map
The North Celestial Pole
Telescopes 101
Eyepiece Calculator
Astrophotography 1
Astrophotography 2
Dark Sky Project
Observing Data Logsheet
Prepare and Present a Scientific Paper
Pronunciation Guide 1
Pronunciation Guide 2
Organize an Astronomy Club
Reporting a Discovery
Herschel 400 Observation Log #89
How Big is Big?
Trivia Game
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