Student Research at Western

At Western Washington University, undergraduate students have unparalleled access to top-flight research with their professors, allowing them to connect, engage, explore and work to change the world around them. Whether studying ocean acidification, the ecological effects of dam removal, solar energy, getting a better understanding of how our brains react to addiction, or composing new pieces of music, the research of Western’s students and their faculty mentors make the University one of the highest rated public universities of its kind in the West.

Savannah Roberts portrait
Savannah Roberts
“Being part of multiple research projects as well as conducting my own has allowed me to tailor my education to the topics I am truly passionate about, and working closely with faculty mentors has helped me grow immensely as a student.”
Adolpho Dominquez portrait
Adolpho Dominquez
“The faculty drive the students to be intuitive advocates for clients and life-long learners, and because of them I love what I’m studying.”
Sarah O'Sell portrait
Sarah O'Sell
“Western’s Industrial Design program gives students the skills and experience to make just about anything.”