NACE Career Readiness Competencies

8 Core Skills for Career Success.

The first step to being career ready is to define exactly what "career ready" means.

WWU's Career Services Center works with the key Career Readiness Competencies established by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).

Developing a strong skillset in these eight competencies will prepare you for successful entry into the workforce.

8 Core Skills For Career Success

  1. Creativity and Problem Solving: The ability to make decisions, use sound reasoning, and overcome problems with ingenuity and creativity.
  2. Communication: The ability to articulate thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively in both written and verbal contexts.
  3. Teamwork: The capacity to form collaborative relationships with a diverse range of colleagues, work within a team structure, and negotiate and manage conflict.
  4. Digital Technology: Competency in existing digital technologies and the ability to adapt to new and emerging technologies.
  5. Leadership: Proficiency in leveraging the strengths of others to achieve common goals; using interpersonal skills to coach and develop others.
  6. Professionalism/Work Ethic: Demonstrating personal accountability and effective work habits, including time management, integrity, punctuality and the ability to learn from mistakes.
  7. Career Management: The ability to identify and articulate your skills, strengths and experiences in a way that's relevant to the position you desire; proficiency in exploring and pursuing job options; the ability to self-advocate in the workplace.
  8. Global/Intercultural Fluency: Cultural sensitivity, respect, openness and the ability to learn from people of diverse cultures, races, ages, genders, sexual orientations and religions.

Adapted from the NACE Career Readiness Competencies (