Virtual Employer Meet-Ups
Student Instructions

NOTE: You do not need to RSVP to attend

  1. Log into your Viking CareerLink student account.
    Please note that while you can do this from your phone, a tablet or computer is highly recommended so you have a full keyboard and can manage multiple chat windows at once.
  2. Navigate to the event via Events > Career Fairs on your left-hand menu
  3. Click into the Virtual Employer Meet Up by clicking on the title of the event
  4. Click the “See Who’s Coming” button or scroll down to the list of employer participants

    The employers who have logged in and are ready to chat will display a “Live Chat” button that you may click to initiate a chat conversation. You may chat with one or multiple employers at a time.
    Decorative image of company entries in Viking Career Link

  5. Once the employer accepts your chat invitation, you will see a chat window and shortly thereafter, you will see their response to you and your chat has begun!


  • Is this a live video chat? Will an employer see or hear me?
    No these are text-only chat messages. An employer will not see or hear you.
  • Do I have to RSVP?
    No you are welcome to just login and join the event the day of! Note that if you RSVP you can submit a resume that will be available to all employers participating in the event.
  • I cannot hear notifications even though the sound is turned on in the chat window (note: the sound is not voice; only notifications that a chat message has come in).
    In order to hear sounds from the Live Chat feature, you must enable Flash in your browser.
  • Can students send a resume to employers via the chat feature?
    There is not an option to upload a document via the chat feature. Students may ask an employer for an email address to send a resume, or an online application system where they should submit their materials.
  • Can students chat with multiple employer/registrants at one time?
    Students may chat with multiple employers at one time. Each chat will be in a separate window.
  • Should I participate in more than one Employer Virtual Meet Up?
    Yes – each event may have different employers participating and you are encouraged to participate in as many as you are able to make connections, ask questions about organizations and industries you are interested in and find out about any internship and job opportunities.